Service of Healing and Eucharist

September 11, 2006

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Healing Service

A Service of Healing and Eucharist was planned at Bob Webber's request in order to humbly seek God's healing from cancer for himself and others who were fighting this disease in its various forms.  The service was held at Harbert Community Church near Sawyer where the Webber's worship when at their Michigan residence.  Darrell Harris and Jim Hart lead the worship along with the pastor of the church, Joel Kruggel.  Other members of the IWS family participated, including Carla Waterman, Greg Wilde, Kent Walters and Brian Walrath, and many came from across the country to be with and pray for Bob in his time of need.  Many others came for prayer as well.  It was a very moving service.

Healing Service
Healing Service Healing Service
Healing Service 4

Hear the sermon, Meditation on Healing, that Darrell Harris preached in this service.

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