June Session 2011

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Jack VanMarion

Grace Episcopal Church

Convocation Processional

Convocation June 2011 Jim Hart Convocation Choir

Paul Neeley

Darrell Harris

Convocation Worship Leaders

Convocation Gospel

Jack Van Marion

Doris Borchert


Convocation Recessional

Chapel Worship

Jeff Barker

Chapel Worship Leaders

Water to wine Scripture

Darrell Harris

Bret Welstead

His love endures forever!

Jeremy Perigo

Tech team

Frank Fortunato

Simon Ng Budi Lim Judith Mosomos
Chris Castro Practicum Worship Gio Castro
Greg Rosser Bob Stamps Ellen Stamps
Worship Seminar with Bob Stamps

Bob Stamps
More Seminar pictures here

Jim Hart
Lester Ruth Practicum Worship Practicum Worship
Ridk Asche Paul Turner Theo and Jolie Williams
Theo and Jolie Williams Jordan Clegg Thesis Class June 2011





Commencement Rehearsal Jerry Borchert Keith Ray & Andy Hill
Commencement Line Up Dan Sharp Commencement Rehearsal
Commencement Choral Introit Processional Cross Commencement Introit
Pat Bennett David Puls
Rodney Shores & musicians Teresa Gardner Worship Leaders
Acts 2 Liturgical Dance Acts 2 Liturgical Dance Acts 2 Liturgical Dance
Acts 2 Liturgical Dance Acts 2 Liturgical Dance Acts 2 Liturgical Dance
Bob Stamps Honoring the Borcherts Honoring Jerry and Doris Borchert

Honoring the Borcherts

Honoring the Borcherts

Jerry & Doris Borchert

Jerry Borchert, Thesis Director Jim Hart: the Hooding Dr. Brad Allen
Kent Walters, Alumni Director

Graduates 2011See Graduates Gallery here

Liturgical Dance Team



Service of Healing and Communion


Service of Healing and Eucharist Font-Pool Font-Pool
Worship Leaders Scripture Drama Acts 8 Mime
Acts 8 mime Acts 8 Mime Acts 8 Mime
Acts 8 mime Acts 8 Mime Rob Burns
Scott Sheperd Font/Pool 06-11 704 Class

Special thanks to Yat Hin Leung and Ginger Jensen who photographed most of these pictures.


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